Swagtron T6 Review 2023 – Best Off-Road Beast!

Swagtron T6 review

Swagtron T6 Review – It is a trendsetter in the hoverboard industry the year when hoverboard started to launch everybody in the marketplace started struggling to survive in the hoverboard industry. The reason behind this is, unlike other hoverboard Swagtron T6 are very strong in metal components, unique in their performance, style and functions.

This electric scooter was launched in 2017 earlier, In prelaunch of the balancing scooter numerous consumer were started to order online and offline, this is the basic success of this hoverboard and the other thing is Swagtron T6 is a complete best off-road hoverboard.

The magnificent style, rugged strong body carved, aluminum chases, with huge tires makes the hoverboard look like a beast and you will know everything about Swagtron T6 in this review.

Swagtron T6 Review

Riding the Swagtron T6 at Laguna Beach for testing and see how this hoverboard rides smoothly on rocky roads, mountain terrains, and wet beach sand.

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This electric scooter speed is up to the 12-mile range and can easily reach of 12 mph. The engineer designed it for both adults as wells as kids. So there is a speed controlling tech is implied in this electric scooter that governs this motorized vehicle and limited its speed up to 7.5 mph the reason is for the safety of the kids and for learners.

Big Tubeless Tires

Swagtron T6 tires designed and manufactured especially for off-road adventure, it is extremely rugged thread shape for better traction and grip on any type of lands while you explore on mud, rocks, terrains, slopes, grass etc.

Extreme staggered shoulder block superior design is implemented in this hoverboard there won’t be any bumpy situation when you ride across the big obstacles, mountains, seashores. It is all possible due to the ten-inch tubeless air-filled tires. You would definitely feel the difference riding in this Swagtron T6 and another hoverboard, this is completely different feels you like riding a top class luxury vehicle.

Nylon infused tires make it possible to explore all riding as an adventure and adapt to all the atmosphere & places without dropping its power and energy. It is roughly made from two layers of two steel belt and one pair of shoulder insert, above the rubber nylon coated with a staggered shoulder tread.

Two Types Indicators

In the foot platform, you can find two types of indicators battery indicator and the other one is system indicator. I never ever seen two colors in the foot platform of any electric scooter till now the Swagtron T6 is the one it has green and blue.


This Hoverboard has undergone very tough test in all departments like electrical system, components, metals and wiring passed in each and every category with flying colors and certified by UL 2272 means that all parts of the balancing scooter are completely safe, doesn’t catch fire or won’t overheat or produce smoke at any situation, It is completely safe and secure.

Aluminium Handles

This electric scooter is one of the best hoverboard is designed in a way to carry easily you should appreciate this engineer because what all features that make the rider smart they included in this. Swagtron T6 built aluminum handlebar in the center of foot platform, the body is completely made up of the aluminum frame very strong. You can carry wherever you want using this bar.

Anti-Slip Pads

Anti-slip pads are one of the main parts for every electric scooter, in swagtron how it varies is? A high thick filament polymer with Cris cross design, the rubber which is strong and stretchable. When riders are cruising you can always stay connected to this balancing wheel even when you make the quick turn, slopes, bumpy roads etc. The ample stability is for everyone for sure, only depends on how the user uses it wisely.


First, of its kind in the hoverboard industry, Swagtron T6 is the first ever electric scooter in the universe which has the power to handle more than 250 lbs. Riders who are above average weight 300 -400 lbs can easily cruise in this balancing scooter without any lack of speed. The t6 is very harder it can handle these weights without any prob.

The two pair of metal guard made up of high resistant steel is to protect the riders at each corner of the foot platform, It ensures safety not only for the hoverboard but also the riders. Basically, it’s an off-road electric scooter keeping in that mind the inventors had implemented this feature to avoid getting hit scratch from great obstacles like stones, rock, concrete etc.

Sentryshield Technology

It is only available in swagtron hoverboards each and every balancing scooter of this company are protected and equipped with the best-awarded swag way sentry shield technology for the better and best performance.

The batteries are categorized into two very robust lithium-ion battery and fully integrated BMS (Battery Management System). Each and every function, the process of the swagtron’s t6 is dependent on power, and the power comes from this battery.
The lithium-ion battery produces high-frequency energy and power completely to all the systems to function in a proper time manner. However, when it fails to produce, the integrated BMS takes charge when lack of energy designed it in this way.

The lithium-ion battery is protected with the superior quality of sentry shield. Generally, if you charge other balancing wheels, you have to wait for more than 4-5 hours but in this t6 hoverboard is completely different, this hoverboard charges fully in 2-3 hours, So you no need to worry or wait for your next fun ride.

High Power Dual Motors

The powerful 300-watt dual motors play a unique roll on the electric scooter, what it does is absolutely amazing. The rpm (rotation per minute) is given separately to each tire in different motion and speed.

So what happens when you cruising in slopes, without any lack of speed it grants balancing scooter to climb in a 30 degree inclined steep slopes crosses easily without any interruption in the smoothness and speed. It continuously producing power to both of the tires, the motor is very powerful than any other electric scooter.

Alert Systems:

Swagtron T6 alerting system is really amazing the function of the system is very simple there are two pairs of LED lights two on the front side and other two are on the back side. The main motive of this device is to alert the oncoming vehicle or people your presence by popping the lights in different colors. These lights can be functioned as turning indicators and signals others when your hoverboard going to start or stop.

Hands-On Control

Swagtron company has also launched its Android app and for iOS too so you can frequently monitor every task that you are performing on this hoverboard. With the help unique feature, you can check like speed, battery, mileage, travel distance, indicator lights and so on.

Base Bang Speakers

Swagtron T6 is the additional gift for music rappers and listeners. The base of the hoverboard equipped with very powerful music speaker plays songs at the high sound you can rock & ride simultaneously with your favorite music.

Product Description:
Weight – 32 pounds
Main unit-1
Product dimension – 10.5 x 25.7 x 10 inches
Customer rating – 4.3 out of 5 stars
User manual
Charging cable and plug-in adaptor

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Pros & Cons Of SwagTron T6

Swagtron T6 Pros

  • Extraordinary special features unbelievable loading capacity of up to 420 lbs
  • You should appreciate its speed the swagtron has given its best in each and every category, top speed 12 mph unlike the electric scooter it gives you enormous speed as well you can adjust the speed for kids. Actually the best kids Hoverboard
  • Very tough body components strong aluminum frame and ABS plastic interior is built for the protection of inner electric parts.
  • Ground clearance is huge it can easily run over through many big obstacles put in its way. A mobile app is launched to make it easy.
  • The awesome light system it functions as an indicator start-stop turning lights very spectacular.

Swagtron T6 Cons

  • There is nothing to say any negative talks about this Swagtron T6 it is absolutely a hunk for those who love off-road rides. I thought the price was bit high at first but after I used and tested this electric scooter the cost is so reasonable. The brand gives you enormous features and function which no other hoverboard does.

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The reason to present this Swagtron T6 Review is definitely to recommend this Swagtron T6 to each and every one of you, should try a ride on this electric scooter and I assure you, you would probably feel like that this is the one I’ve been looking for, and you can even hear your inner conscious voice, it tells like this is the best hoverboard I’ve never ever seen in my entire life. Offcourse it happened to me guys.

The Swagtron T6 is an absolute hunk for those who love off road boards and rides, Comes with spectacular function and unexpected features.

The fully rugged nylon air infused tires take the Swagtron T6 to the next level easily handles all types of lands with comfort riding feel and Listening to your favorite music is non-stop on this electric scooter.

So finally from bottom of my heart what I would say is It is worth to buy it, for its adventurous function and beast design the powerful motors, awesome batteries, it values your every penny of your money.

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Swagtron T6 Review
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