Swagtron T5 Review – Best For Beginners & Entry Level New Riders

Swagtron T5 Reviews

Swagtron T5 hoverboard is the best thing which my kid experienced in his life he was so thankful to me, and he loves me more now than ever before. In this article, I am going to share with you about my son joy and happy ride experience about Swagtron T5.

Let’s check out Swagtron T5 review.

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Swagtron T5 Hoverboard Features

swagtron t5


First thing is I am going to explain about the features of the Swagtron T5 hoverboard it has got all the new amazing stuff which a guy can never expect in a normal hoverboard. As humans, our priority is safety, of course when my son asked me to buy a hoverboard I also thought this safety thing., But you won’t believe after I ordered this to my son I never looked out him when he plays around. Yes, Swagtron Comes international Safety standards regulation (i.e.,) UL 2272 certified Hoverboards this wouldn’t give to all the Hoverboards in the market only to the self balancing scooter which passes all the test like fire proof, electric board, hoverboard materials endurance and durability under a high-pressure condition. This means our kids are playing  the international standard safety hoverboard.

System And Battery Indicators:

There is a new technology implemented in the Swagtron T5 is called Indicators for both self-balancing scooter and Battery capacity. My kid used to look out the hoverboard to make sure how much charge consumed. I don’t think any other balancing scooter have this functions. It displays battery indicators which are in green light and the system indicator which is in blue light both are essential for the rider to know about the battery system action.


The cruising speed is 7 miles per hour this is a kind of hoverboard which is much suitable for beginners and entry level riders, particularly for kids, So only I Bought this to my kid. It can tackle all the obstacles thrown on your way. It overcomes all the odds, with its superior double power dual motor watt and produces zero emission while cruising it’s an eco-friendly self balancing scooter in other words hoverboard.

Loading Weight:

Swagron t5 hoverboard also know as for its endurability and its pulling capacity. The loading capacity is up to 187lbs, its strong and firm. While riding with a maximum the self balancing scooter station, t5 don’t show any difference in moving; It goes like a normal person or kids stand on it whatever the weights on it there is no difference, smooth ride always enables I experienced.

Gyroscopic Sensors:

One of the latest spectacular features of the Swagtron t5 is Gyroscopic sensors, gyroscopic sensors are nothing but monitoring the body weight of the rider.

The dynamic equilibrium notice the rider every single action when he does on the hoverboard is steered by the gyroscopic sensor and it allows you to move forward and backward, when the rider bend his body forward, the gyroscopic sensors analysis the body motion and allows the rider to ride the hoverboard forward, when he bends back backward the hoverboard goes backward likewise for left, and right direction applies. It’s so easy technology with brilliant functioning systems.

Two types of modes
1. Learning Mode
2. Standard Mode

In considering of new riders who don’t have any idea about hoverboard and how to use it. The Swagtron t5 self balancing scooter engineers had provided a fantastic solution for this issue (i.e.,) Learning and Standard mode. It’s very simple Learning for the beginners who are newbies and riding the self balancing scooter for the first time, and Standard Mode is for the one who is the pro in riding the hoverboard.

The basic mode works very simply and in the very slow mode so that newbies can understand the concept and riding function of the hoverboard, later they can change into the standard mode when they want. This concept is designed only in swagtron hoverboards for the safety of the riders.


Who doesn’t like to listen to their favorite music while riding hoverboards? None! Yes, it will happen in swagtron t5 hoverboard, Swagtron T5 hoverboard has Bluetooth speakers where you can listen to best songs, music through your electric scooter when cruising it’s like heaven, full of the musical ride.

Aluminum Carved Wheels:

Swagtron consists of two pairs of wheels which are fully aluminum carved wheels, so it won’t get rust will look always shiny and your ride  will attract everyone on the roads.

Climbing Range 30 degree

Swagtron can slope to the 30-degree range it can easily come over various odds, mud, roads, pedals, and sand. The highly powered dual motor is fixed in Swagtron t5 hoverboard achieves new height, hills, terrain, and slopes.

Non-Slip Foot Pads:

It’s a very common thing on the hoverboard it always allows you to stay physically connected to the hoverboard while cruising with better traction and gripes with swagtron t5. Use of the rubber foot pads is more stability.

swagtron t5 reviews

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Swagtron T5 Hoverboard Pros and Cons:


It is very friendly to the atmosphere and runs only on batteries. The price of Swagtron T5 hoverboard is cheap that’s why I have added this hoverboard in the best and cheap hoverboards list.

This is true story occurred in my life few month’s ago and how I bought one of the hoverboards. My kid always will sit in front of the play station and Xbox games stuff. I’ve always wanted him to be healthy because of his  obesity  due to lack of physical work, his medication was really poor. One of my friend’s suggested me self-balancing scooter heard that swagtron is the best hoverboards for kids.

Eventually, I bought one now my kid life has changed way better than before and his obesity level decreased, he’s healthy and fit now. Thought it was just soul less product but changed my son’s life andhope it does turn your’s life too folks! Easy to use, deserves every single of your penny.

If you’re are a lazy person I request you all those out there! Kindly buy one after wards your life and yourself feel a huge difference, become an active person like I did. It changes the life style. Nowadays I am not much using four wheel car rather using self balancing scooter. It is not hoverboard it is Active board changes life active guys!


Swagtron T5 is amazing; it’s a genius working principle and some extraordinary functioning system engineering, brilliant double power motors. For mature we are satisfied with swagtron T5 has but for kids it is a night mare to satisfy them their simple needs.

Kids love wide range of colours, but in swagtron t5 self balancing scooter there is only selected options for colour, It’s a minor problem for kids even in my kid experienced the same problem he was actually looking for a particular common colour, but it didn’t happen to him, he was little bit disappointed, but later on he forgot about the color and started to like the hoverboard. He loves its functioning and riding pleasure more than color.

Swagtron doesn’t equip with led lights like another self-balancing scooter, but it is available in other swagtron series which I also updated in my other post check out. Due to the negative built of the LED lights in the hoverboard, it ‘s hard to ride in the dark place when there is no street lights or any other light source.

These are the only negative feedback which I am telling in my personal experience apart from this it’s an amazing self balancing scooter at the affordable price with fantastic features with no doubts. It’s like kids champ!

Swagtron T5 Specs

  • Safety UL 2272 Certified
  • System and Battery Indicators
  • Speakers
  • Rubber Guards
  • Strong Durable Shell
  • Highly Strengthened Rubber Guards
  • Non-Slip Foot Pads- yes
  • Aluminum Carved Wheels – Yes
  • Learning Mode for Beginners and Standard Mode for normal riders
  • Climbing Slopes Capacity up to 30 degree
  • 7 miles per hour cruising speed
  • Superior Dual power 200 Watt Motors
  • Gyroscopic Technology
  • Weight Capacity 187lbs

Swagtron T5 Reviews – Final Verdict!

Swagtron T5 hoverboard is absolutely a good investment for entertaining yourself.

The cost of the hoverboard is cheap and the same time quality is great and good enough.

I’ve said everything about Swagtron T5 in this Swagtron T5 reviews and I am sure about this product, and It work’s well.

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Swagtron T5 Review
  • Product Quality
  • Comfort Level
  • Price
  • Speed
  • Battery Lasting Time

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