Where To Get Hoverboards? – Best And Safe Online Stores To Buy Hoverboards

where to get hoverboards

Hello, riders ! In this post I am going share some information with you guys regarding hoverboards. Some of us are still wondering where to get hoverboards and UL2272 1st quality self balancing scooter at the affordable price.

So here I listed out some of the top websites serving self balancing scooter. Hope it would be useful to you all.

Where To Get Hoverboards?

Haloboard.com – Recommended

haloboard.com is my recommended shop to buy the safest and most advanced hoverboards in the world. It is a US-based company that started in 2005 LA manufactures using the most sophisticated components to make this halo rover hoverboard.

World standard safety level is achieved. Unlike other e-commerce companies, they don’t sell many products. This halo board company focuses only on hoverboards and skateboards that makes this so unique.

Every child loves haloboard hoverboard. I suggested this haloboard to one of my friend’s son, he is 12 years old he also bought this self balancing scooter from haloboard.com store, and he says “I am somewhat emotionally attached to this hoverboard”. Kids favorite hoverboard.

The design and construction of the halo board hoverboard are approved by the US government. Got UL certified for the High standard safety level. You can ride with this self-balancing scooter anywhere indoor, outdoor, terrain, steep, and mountain areas. Comes with cool features with different modes at an affordable price. Our website’s frequent selling hoverboard products.

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Streetsaw.com is the very significant trademark and standard company around the world. It was serving online products more than five years. It sells safe UL2272 certified hoverboard under US recognition and fire safety department certification.

A lot of self balancing scooters with unique colors and it has a price starts at the very small range. The motive of this company is “everyone should benefit from this scheme”. Gives offers and free gifts. You can buy hoverboard gadgets in the same website but some of the sites doesn’t provide all of this and it is the one and only websites giving the complete repair service of your hoverboard. This company sells only 1st quality original products no fake products.

The exciting features about streetsaw.com are selling kids hoverboard. Self balancing scooter is everyone even children are fond of it. So understanding the interest streetsaw takes a further step in the sale of kids hoverboard with their favorite colors.

I don’t find any other online stores which sells more than fifty varities of hoverboards and custom self balancing scooter accessories that includes a very good hoverboard repir  service. It is the one of the safest place to buy hoverboards for your kids and family members.

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The another largest online organization is ebay.com it was founded in 1995 almost two decades having 34k employees around the world and currently now very successful company serving a lot of different products among that all self balancing scooter is also one of the goods. There is a vast and broad range of hoverboards in ebay with affordable prices and various color option.


If you are looking only for a unique hoverboard like swagtron, then you can shop in swagtron in that shop there is a large number swagtron hoverboards available and they also tied up with amazon.com for marketing and selling purpose.
The brand gets succeeded only by advertising by the top most branded company like Amazon, swagtron also gives you some offer like coupons etc. while shopping.


Alibaba group is a Chinese group of e-commerce business companies where business to consumers is the core thought. Serving worldwide since 1999.there are 164340 hoverboards are available in alibaba  from different sellers. If you are running shop online or offline stores it is preferable to buy in alibaba.


Razor.com sells sports hoverboards founded 2 decades before on electric scooter for kids it is an award winning company. It has got many awards since 2001 till now, and also Parent media have recognized razor for launching innovative and modern products. Razor.com sells a variety of self balancing scooters like kick scooters, razor jr, electric scooters, and accessories.


Skque have been delivering products since 2003 superior customer support and one of my favorite online shop to buy hoverboards.

The brand got vast range of hoverboards from size to price from low to high range, and if you ask me where to get hoverboards, skque will be the answer you can predict from me.

The online store not also selling hoverboards but also sells VR Glasses and Wearables to all its customers and for your 100% satisfaction company got return policy to receive defective products.

Final Verdict

Hoverboards become one of the amusing indoor, and outdoor games to play and becoming the best time pass for ages and by that producing volume is increasing day by day thus creating demand for hoverboards lover like you and me.

I gave this post so that all should buy hoverboards from a proper place. And there are numerous online and offline shops are available where you can get best hoverboards but finding the authorized shop is quite hard.

So to make easy for my readers I gave you the proper and best source to buy hoverboards online.

If you feel any source is missing in my list, you are welcome to drop that source in the comment box.

And I would like to include in this post.

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  1. This is the information and the board I was looking for. Myself and my two boys want some hoverboards. We have a HUGE park close by so we want to have some fun. We recently moved to California and everyone is using them here. This was very helpful. I just wanted to say thank you!! Going to order 3 of them this weekend.


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