Segway MiniPro Review 2023 – Explaining Everything After Using It

Segway MiniPro Review

The Segway MinPRO is  designed and launched by Ninebot technology. the best Hoverboard currently using and enjoying my life. Personal transporter is the correct word to call it because it does more than hoverboard can do and you will witness it’s action in this Segway MiniPro review.

Segway Ninebot Hoverboard breaks all the records of the hoverboards industry, comes with spectacular features like the phenomenal Anti-theft alarm, customizable Led lights, Mobile app Controller, long battery and so on.

It is the next generation of Hoverboard which thrills everybody with its unique technology and it’s a hand free electric scooter where you can ride this indoor and outdoor to reach certain distances. It definitely thrills the riders and changes everyone’s mindset about what you think about a Self balancing Scooter.

Segway MiniPro Reviews – Official Video By Ninebot Team

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Ninebot Mini Users Review


  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Easily Removable Handle and very compact for storage
  • Control via Mobile App
  • Aircraft grade magnesium alloy
  • UL 2272 Certified
  • 220 lbs payloads
  • Huge 10.5-inch tires
  • Military grade shock absorption
  • Anti-Theft Alarm
  • Speed Controller
  • Day and Night LED lights
  • Wheel Size 26 centimeters
  • Product Weight – 28 pounds
  • Frame Material – Composite

Now, let’s see the specification one by one in the Segway MiniPro review;

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Segway MiniPro can be controlled through Mobile application via Bluetooth connectivity, It is used in various purposes like controlling speed, initiating mobile theft alarm, to update the systems of the Ninebot MiniPro hoverboard, to customizes the day & night LED lights, Segway MiniPro diagnostics it automatically discover and corrects the issues by itself like an antivirus.

I‘ve never seen an Anti-theft alarm function is implemented in an electric scooter in my life, this is the first one and more interesting stuff comes on the way, hold your breath guys.

I’ve added my real life testing experiment about the anti-theft alarm which inbuilt in the hoverboard you would find it down in this Segway Ninebot Mini review, that’s interesting stuff you must know. Wait for it!

UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard

Segway miniPro has passed the all the odds of high grade electrical and fire safety standards tests ensures that this personal transporter has all the first quality equipment and wiring materials inside and outside the hoverboard, at any case, it won’t catch fire it’s guaranteed.

Speed Controller

The new technology has been used in the Segway MiniPro hoverboard controlling the speed automatically according to your riding mode. When your cruise in the Highway, flat surface the power production is efficient, In other types of surfaces also the hoverboard works well without any struggle and no noise while cruising difficult surfaces like mud, coastal areas, terrain mount etc.

This is possible all because of the very powerful 800-watt dual motor very silent but very efficient. It is engineered to adapt to the road obstacles produces very high RPM (Rotation Per Minute) to both the tires equally, In results that the Segway miniPRO is the absolute deal to overcome all the slopes, terrain humps without any drop of the energy, stability, and speed.

Portable Light Weight

Segway miniPRO is made up of high resistance polymer which is grade A quality which is used in military, aircraft design and due to polymer the Segway miniPro product is very light too and It is so easy to carry, pull like luggage bag, the knee bar is easily detachable and quickly fixable in fraction of seconds with no worries, so you can quickly store in a car trunk, yard in your godown and tiny spaces.

The quality of the product is very high but the weight is very light. Even your kids can easily make it real because highly resistant polymer fabric used, so light and delighting your life always.

Note: I have written the best post about Hoverboard for kids Check this post If you’re looking to buy hoverboard only for your kids with necessary safety features.


Segway miniPRO Features

Anti-Theft Alarm

This is the first ever personal transporter which comes with an Anti-theft Alarm technology, I’ve never ever come across as far as I reviewed many hoverboards in past years but for this Particularly function itself you should appreciate the Segway Company and must be really proud about the ideas and nature of thinking that every customer should feel comfort zone and safe.

Ensures nobody can steal your SegwayNinebot Minipro from you, even when you sleeping at home, if someone tries to rob, the alarm function automatically initiates and aware you with heavy noise. So Cool uh!

Making your electric scooter more like a luxurious car by discovering and installing this kind of unique features to a personal transporter, well you deserve it. Segway MiniPro is very unique and special one of its kind. The Company knows very well how to make each and every customer feels happy and satisfied when you buy their product.

Automatic Day-Night LED Light Front & Rear

The other feature is LED light systems usually a hoverboard equipped only the front light system but the Segway MiniPro has broken all the typical style of past hoverboards by introducing a new concept of front and rear LED light system this is one of the unique features you can say it.

The LED light system is fully automatic you no need to worry about the weather changes. Both the lights automatically turns ON and brightens according to the atmospheric condition dark, bright, rainy, shine etc.
Advantages of the LED light system not only the daytime you can cruise the electric scooter, even at the night time also you can ride without fearing what’s coming on your way or back because for this very purpose only the company had installed the rear led light system. So, the vehicle which comes to your back notices and goes in their path. It ensures the absolute safety of the night riders.

Adaptive To Roads

Segway MiniPro is smartly engineered to cross all the obstacles every day, keeping that mind the Segway designers installed Huge 10.5-inch tires with unique pneumatic air filled due to this air system your personal transporter gives the very smooth ride.

And the 26 cm wheels are additional plus for this hoverboard, the reason is there is a lot of ground clearance area available so definitely there won’t be trouble while cruising your electric scooter.

Speed and Battery

The speed of the Segway MiniPro is awesome because it can go faster 10 mph you can travel up to 14 miles on a single charge. Charging this MiniPro is really quick it completes it charging within one hour (i.e) sixty mins.

My Personal Segway Ninebot Review:

Segway Ninebot Mini review

Honest Segway Ninebot Review by myself, I bought this few months ago since then I’ve been enjoying my life a little bit more, with this additional personal transporter called Segway MiniPro by Ninebot technology.

I experienced many goosebumps moments in my life when I first riding this Segway MiniPro Hoverboard, I thought Riding could be difficult without lights but in this electric scooter you don’t face that problem it has a customizable LED tail lights which automatically turns ON and make your way like Christmas night, it was awesome moment and by the way u won’t feel like I would never ever forget in my life.

I am saying this from my bottom of my heart, not for review sake, I bought numerous hoverboards in my life but to be frank, Ninebot MiniPro by Segway is one my favorite.

Segway MiniPro riding technology is completely different from another self-balancing scooter, Knee rider control is introduced in this Segway hoverboard.

Advantages are more than numbers in Segway due to its new precise steering controller, absolutely easy to move left right forward and backward.

You guys can always connect to the atmosphere that you’re into and much easier to the riders than any other electric scooter.

You Might ask? Why Should I buy Segway MiniPro?

Segway MiniPro is come up with new and extraordinary technology that differentiates it from other hoverboards in the electric scooter market.

The anti-theft alarm is the unique feature which Segway MiniPro only has, there is no other self-balancing scooter in the market don’t have this tech inbuilt.

As far as I think of this particular amazing technology I bought this Segway MiniPro, I bought many electric scooters in my life and did reviews but the anti-theft alarm is a question mark on all of those previous hoverboards.!
It also has other additional incredible technology and functions what other hoverboards hasn’t. Who doesn’t like a hoverboard which comes with an anti-theft alarm by default?

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Pros and Cons: Segway MiniPro Review

Let’s go into detail some Phenomenal Features Segway MiniPro got

  • Mobile App Controller
  • Anti-theft Alarm
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Customizable lights
  • Mileage

Segway MiniPro unit is overcome, passed all the high standard test electricity, fire etc.


Easy to control and ride, the features implemented in this Self-balancing Scooter are extremely next level that is why it is called a personal transporter.

It does more than a hoverboard can do, it has a unique function called Anti-theft alarm no hoverboard have this. For this particular feature itself, you can buy this and the other functions are like Christmas gifts.

Amazing body, stunning looks, and easily detachable kneebars.

Portability, awesome speed front and rear LED lights, I personally feel like I am having Rolls Royce car. All notification alerts available on this electric scooter.

The engines parts are standardized and genuine, not only the outer look is good but also the inner body parts are very safety and powerful motors.


Overall Segway MiniPro is the Hero blast with features and way more than a hoverboard but I personally feel like the cost is slightly high. Why I am saying it I want everyone should buy and realize the happiness what I experienced, apart from that I have no issues.


If you are planning to buy Hoverboard for long use then Segway MiniPro is the best one I suggest for you guys, never seen personal transporter with this much functions and features.

The main reason to create this Segway MiniPro review is because this hoverboard is already rocking in the electric scooter market due it’s superb Safety, sleek interior, and exterior design uncompromising performances and mileage systems, which always delights your life way bit more than you think.

Everyone should try it even if you’re an entry-level rider no prop, it becomes your best buddy as mine. Easily smashes all the obstacles thrown in your way and for the extreme riders who ride at mount, terrain, slopes etc it is absolutely remarkable for those, they love it. It is the best thing ever happened in my life, I really love my Segway MiniPro and I always praise it.

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Segway MiniPro Review
  • Features
  • Quality
  • Battery Lasting Time
  • User Experience
  • Price

4 thoughts on “Segway MiniPro Review 2023 – Explaining Everything After Using It”

  1. I have my Segway MiniPro a few months now and loving it. I purchased this for the purpose of traveling back and forth to work due to a leg or hip problem and was taking me 45 minutes to walk less than a mile and had to sit and rest 4 to 5 times along the way. With the Segway MiniPro it now takes me 10 minutes to travel to work, the lights come in handy being’s it is dark when I leave work… The only issue I have is that I am only getting 6 miles to a charge and that is when I am traveling at an average speed of 4 – 5 mph. But all and all I am VERT satisfied with my new toy and look forward to weekends to go riding the trails.

  2. I have a Segway MiniPro that I use as an assistive mobility device (I am a partially disabled Veteran in U.S.). I recently tried to take it aboard a Southwest Airlines flight and it was denied. Their final excuse (and it’s in their online information) is that the battery at 310Wh is too large (their max is 300Wh). American’s restrictions are the same. Is there any way around this? My MiniPro is fantastic for travelling the long walks in airports between flights (one of my biggest problems – I can walk, I can walk up to a mile, but not in a few minutes).

    I would welcome any suggestions.

  3. There isn’t a whole lot of information as to the best device (android. iospbone) on which to download the controller app. There have been some problems reported with connecting smartphones with the minipro. Not all smartphones are compatible, but even the ones that are have reported problems. Does anyone know of a relatively basic smartphone that will reliably download the app and connect with the bot? I already have a smartphone, not compatible, and don’t want to shell out a ton of money just to connect with the minipro.

    For the most part, I like the minipro. The reason I bought it was a disability that makes walking slow and painful, and this thing is liberating. Two things I would change is the beeping that can’t be turned off unless the thing is connected to bluetooth, and the way the platform tilts back if I go more than a very slow crawl. The latter is a safety feature to keep you from accelerating, but it kicks in at a normal walking speed by dropping the back of the platform. Your ankles drop, which automatically makes you lean forward, causing an even steeper drop in the platform. To offset this, you need to relax and almost come to a stop. To continue going forward faster, you almost have to over lean forward, which then puts the control bar behind your knees and takes away the ability to steer. That can probably either be corrected by adding the handlebar or just finding another way to adapt. Either way, if you don’t know its going to happen, it can be a bit confusing.


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