Black Friday Hoverboard Deals & Discounts For 2023

Black Friday Hoverboard Deals

Find the best deals and offers here for this black friday hoverboard deals for 2018 and grab your gifts to your loved ones, make this occasion a beautiful day.

Everybody deserves a gift; it’s like mini Christmas started, so choose the product wisely with our top brands which meet all safety standard regulation.

Why buy cheap products? My team and I are here to guide and educate you buy the best, safe, and better hoverboards at an affordable price.

We have a wide range of products in different categories like Cheap hoverboards, Kids  and Off-Road-Hoverboards.

Let’s ride the best one folks:)

Black Friday Hoverboard Deals & Sales

1. Segway Mini Pro* (Recommended)

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Not just a self-balancing scooter, advanced technology, so it does more than that, performs like a personal transporter. (UL 2272 certified).

For this Black Friday Segway Mini Pro is giving heavy Offers for all purchase.

The entire body frame is Manufactured with extreme Grade magnesium Alloy lightweight, Durable and reliable.

A mighty 800watt motor can easily reach your destination and easily tackle all odds on your way without any problem in speed. (Max. Speed 10mph)

A specially designed knee control bar easy to control the hoverboard, even newbie learns quickly. (Max. load 220lbs)

Control your self-balancing scooter with mini pro mobile app, doing many tasks like adjusting front and tail light colours, control speed, lock your mini pro with anti-theft mode and voice commands.

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2. Gotrax Hoverfly All Terrain XL Hoverboard* (Kids and Adults hoverboard)

GOTRAX Hoverfly XL

Plan your perfect gift on this Black Friday 2018 sale.

The hoverboard comes with many colour options, mainly focused on kids and teenagers.

The Gotrax hoverboard approved for electrical hazards free. It passed all the tough test and got UL 2272 certification for high-standard electrical & fire safety.

All Terrain hoverboard, you can ride in the smooth as well in off-road. The vast power produced by the 350-watt motor makes every ride fun and adventurous.

Bright LED front lights for all weather condition ride all day/ night, snow, fog. The big rugged tire lasts longer to achieve trip.

The riding time is extended on this hoverboard up to 90 miles on a single charge at the speed of 7.4 mph. Get this amazing  hoverboard on black friday sale at lower price.

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3. Tomoloo Hoverboard Black Friday Sale (Explore EveryWhere)

TOMOLOO Hoverboard

This Hoverboard is designed to be used by both adult and kids. Comes with UL2272 certified with large Q2-x all type terrain tires makes possible your rides in all kind of lands. ( Water Resistance)

Go every ride with your favourite music, high standard 5-watt stereo Bluetooth speaker system available. (Speed 10 mph Max.)

Gyroscopic technology and accelerating motherboard sensor makes every single ride so smooth and balanced for riders in all situations. (Long-Lasting Battery)

There are many colourful led lights equipped in front as well in foot platform. Every time you ride your balancing scooter the RGB design led light changes, it’s colour accordingly, so chill guys. (Mobile App Controller available.)

One year warranty for motor, battery, and Controller 24/7 customer service provided.

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4. Swagtron T1 (Recommended for Kids)

Swagtron T1 Deal

Swagtron T1 comes with two ride modes, the beginner mode is for your kids they can quickly learn how to ride and control the balancing scooter. (UL 2272 certified)

With the maximum load of about 220 lbs, it can quickly climb 30-degree range hills, slope or terrain without losing power and speed.

On a single charge, you can make your trip up to 12 miles range.

The hoverboard body layer is solid made with a double layer of Hard ABS bodywork method it last long. (top speed 8mph)

With the combination of gear stabilisation and Advanced, 250 powerful motor enables the function to tighten the movement of the vehicle and gives you fantastic grip while going down in slopes.

The rubber foot platform ensures absolute stability between you and the hoverboard. Display light indicators available to monitor battery&system.

For this Black Friday deal Swagtron T1 hoverboard offering you at lowest price. Hurry up and get now!

Get Swagtron T1 now at Amazon

5. Hoverheart Hoverboard* (Wide Range Of Colors for kids & adult)

Hoverheart Hoverboard

Connect with the Automatic Wireless Bluetooth speaker and make your every ride rocks with your favourite songs. (Max. load 220 lbs)

Anti-fire material skin finished with chrome plating were used to cover the whole structure of the hoverboard. (UL 2272 certified)

Amazing LED flashlights in both the wheels introduced in this balancing scooter, colourful lights come with you everywhere. (Max. speed 10 MPH)

Super Cool battery of 36 V/ 4 A with Anti-Explosion Technology makes your electric scooter more safer, it’s an added advantage. (Mileage 8 miles on a single charge)

Huge no. of colour option, loaded with features. Every kid falls in love with this Perfect scooter gift for kids.

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6. XtremePowerUS self-Balancing Scooter (Perfect Toy)

XtremePowerUS Black Friday Deal

Exclusive Black Friday Sale for Xtreme PowerUS Hoverboard.

Manufactured in the USA, for the people who love outdoor sports and adventurous ride. (UL 2272 certified)

Bluetooth technology allows you to connect the mobile, listen to your favourite music while cruising. (Max. load 220lbs)

Powerful 250-watt hub motor plus 4.4 Ah certified lithium-ion battery achieves excellent performances, even when climbing at 5 degrees slope with zero noise. ( Max. speed 8mph)

The Xtreme power US hoverboard launched with six unique colours, for those who very obsessed with outlook. (Anti-Slip Foot pads available)

Night ride made easy now, big LED front light and led flashlights with multi-colours on wheels makes the hoverboard look fantastic even in dark place. (360-degree rotation done quickly)

Get XtremePowerUS Now at Amazon

7. Swagtron T580 hoverboard (Three ride modes available)

Swagtron T580

To ensure the consumer safety the swagtron T580 cleared all electrical and fire hazard test received UL2272 certified for safety hoverboard promising that no short circuit, no light, completely safe.

The 150-watt dual motors, connects with patented multi-layer sentry shied battery produces unlimited power to reach the maximum speed of 7.5mph in a fraction of seconds. (Range-8miles on a single charge)

however, it can carry up to the maximum weight of 220lbs.

Incombustible casting fender makes the hoverboard durable and robust. The 6.5-inch rugged tire gives away smooth riding experience.

Bluetooth, Mobile App, LED light and Speakers available for the rider, it’s extra fun and keeps track of all your finished trips with the location tracker App. Don’t miss this Black Friday and Cyber Monday Hoverboard  deals.

Get Swagtron T580 now at Amazon

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