Are Hoverboard Bad For Kids? What do you think?

As a child safety expert, I’m often asked if hoverboards are safe for kids. The truth is that there’s no simple answer it depends on the age of the rider and how experienced they are with hoverboard technology. As parents, we need to weigh up the potential risks against the rewards of our children enjoying this new form of transportation. In this article, I’ll explain why it’s important to be aware of the possible dangers associated with riding a hoverboard before your child hops on board.

The modern world offers so many opportunities for freedom, especially when it comes to transportation. Hoverboards have quickly become one of these popular methods allowing young riders to move around their environment in an exciting way while also providing them with plenty of fun and adventure. But as parents, we must understand that using a hoverboard can present real dangers that could put our children at risk if not managed properly.

It can be hard to decide whether or not you should allow your child to ride a hoverboard – but by understanding both sides of the argument thoroughly and making informed decisions about what’s best for your family, you can ensure everyone gets the most out of this exhilarating mode of transport without compromising their safety. So let’s dive into this topic and explore what all parents should know about letting their kids use hoverboards.

Are Hoverboard Bad For Kids?

Safety Concerns

As a child safety expert, I’m often asked about the risks associated with hoverboards. The short answer is that it’s important to understand how to ride them safely and properly in order to reduce your risk of injury.

Hoverboards can be extremely fun for kids, but they are not without their dangers. It’s important to take certain precautions when riding one, such as wearing protective gear like elbow and knee pads, as well as a helmet. Additionally, riders should stay away from hard surfaces or other obstacles where they may trip or fall off.

The key to safe hoverboard usage is educating yourself on proper riding techniques and understanding the potential risks associated with using them. By doing so, you’ll help ensure your child stays safe while having some awesome fun!

Potential Hazards

It is estimated that nearly 50,000 hoverboard-related injuries were reported in the United States alone over a two-year period. As an expert on child safety, this raises great concern for me. Hoverboards pose significant potential hazards to kids and should be handled with caution.

Fire Hazards: Overheating of batteries or electrical components can lead to fires if not properly maintained. This increases the risk of serious burns and property damage, especially since many hoverboards are commonly used indoors. Therefore, it’s important to follow manufacturer guidelines when charging and storing your hoverboard.

Electric Shocks: When riding a hoverboard, there is always the chance of getting shocked due to its electric motor system. It is recommended that parents make sure their children wear protective gear such as helmets and elbow pads while riding one of these devices to reduce the chances of experiencing shocks from short circuits within the board itself.

Tripping Hazards & Concussion Risks: Falls off a hovering board can cause severe concussion risks and broken bones due to contact with hard surfaces or objects like walls or furniture. Taking precautions such as wearing appropriate padding can help minimize these risks by reducing impact force upon landing after taking a tumble off the device. Additionally, being aware of tripping hazards like sharp objects or loose wires on the ground will help keep kids safe while having fun!

In light of all this information, it’s evident that understanding potential dangers before using a hoverboard is essential for keeping children safe while they enjoy themselves. Parents should take extra steps to ensure their kids are properly protected against any unexpected accidents which may occur during use

Alternatives To Hoverboards

If you want your kids to have fun and stay active, hoverboards are not the only option. There are many other alternatives that can provide a safe and entertaining experience for children of all ages.

  1. Skateboard: A skateboard is an excellent way for kids to get around town and explore their surroundings while having fun at the same time. It allows them to practice balance and coordination as well as develop their motor skills. Plus, it’s relatively inexpensive compared to some other options.
  2. Scooter: Kids love scooters because they’re easy to maneuver and offer an exciting ride every time. Whether it’s just zipping around the neighborhood or taking on more challenging terrain, there’s something for everyone with this classic mode of transportation!
  3. Rollerblades: Rolling around in rollerblades offers an exhilarating experience that both young and old alike can enjoy. The speed and agility provided by these inline skates make them great for getting from Point A to Point B quickly – plus they look really cool, too!
  4. Longboard/Bike: If your child wants a bit more stability than a skateboard but still wants the thrill of riding fast, then longboarding is a great choice! Or if they’re looking for even more freedom, why not buy them a bike so they can take off wherever their heart desires?

No matter which alternative you choose, safety should always be top priority when allowing your children to partake in any activity involving wheeled vehicles such as these ones listed above. Take the necessary precautions like wearing helmets or knee pads depending on what type of vehicle they will be using also ensure that proper adult supervision is present during use at all times. With these extra measures taken care of, your child can enjoy one of these activities safely without sacrificing any of the excitement or fun involved!


The bottom line is that hoverboards can be dangerous for kids. They are unpredictable and the potential hazards make them a risk to young children’s safety. As an expert in child safety, I urge parents to think twice before allowing their children to ride one of these contraptions.

An analogy I often use when it comes to hoverboards is this: if you wouldn’t let your kid play with firecrackers on New Year’s Eve, why would you give them a device that could cause just as much damage? The risks outweigh any enjoyment they may get from using it.

It’s important for parents to find alternatives for their kids; ones that won’t put their health at stake. A bike or scooter is always a great option – not only do they provide hours of entertainment, but they also promote physical activity which has its own range of benefits! With so many other options out there, it simply doesn’t make sense to roll the dice by letting your kid try out a potentially hazardous hoverboard.

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