Why Did Hoverboards Get Banned? Really !

As a hoverboard expert and researcher, I’ve been asked this question many times: Why did hoverboards get banned? It’s an important question that deserves to be answered. To understand why these innovative inventions were taken off the market, we must first look at what exactly made them so appealing in the first place.

Hoverboards captured the attention of people everywhere for their sheer simplicity and convenience. They allowed riders to zip around effortlessly with no need for fuel or emissions giving us all a sense of freedom from traditional methods of transportation. With the rise in popularity came some safety concerns, however, leading to bans on certain models and eventually causing the entire industry to collapse.

But despite its demise, the dream of riding hoverboards is still alive today though only if you know where to look! In this article, I will explain how and why hoverboards got banned as well as some potential ways to enjoy them safely again. So read on to find out more about this fascinating topic!

Why Did Hoverboards Get Banned?

History Of Hoverboards

Once upon a time, the origin of hoverboards seemed to be as mythical and fantastical as flying carpets. Little did we know that this incredible invention was right around the corner! The development of the hoverboard began in earnest when its inventor, Shane Chen, first took his prototype out for a spin back in 2013. Soon after, more inventors got involved and companies developed their own versions. This made them widely available and accessible they quickly became an overnight sensation!

The rise of hoverboards was truly remarkable. They spread like wildfire across continents, becoming beloved by people young and old who enjoyed their freedom and convenience. It felt like there was no stopping these futuristic devices… until it all came crashing down. In 2015, several reports emerged of hoverboard accidents caused by faulty batteries which led to bans on certain models being sold in stores or imported into countries such as the UK.

This marked the beginning of the decline of Hoverboards worldwide; further safety concerns were raised leading to even tighter restrictions being enforced globally. So what happened? Why did something so popular become so forbidden?

Safety Concerns

Hoverboards were quickly deemed unsafe, and there was an abundance of safety issues that arose with their popularity. Primarily, these concerns revolved around battery-related incidents such as fires or explosions due to short circuit malfunctions, overheating batteries, and a lack of regulations for hoverboard safety standards.

Incidents like these led the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to issue warnings about potential risks associated with using any type of self-balancing scooter, citing over 60 reports of fire related to them in 2015 alone. As a result, many countries banned hoverboards from being sold until they met certain safety requirements set out by the CPSC and other organizations worldwide.

The risk posed by hoverboards was so great that even after new safety regulations were put in place, some airlines still refuse to allow passengers to bring them on board during flights out of fear that they could ignite inside the plane’s cargo hold. This is indicative of how seriously people take hoverboard safety today which is why it’s important to stay informed about current laws and regulations before buying one yourself.


The hoverboard craze was certainly an interesting phenomenon that captured the imaginations of many around the world. While they had become a common sight in our cities and towns, their time has sadly come to an end due to safety concerns.

It’s no secret that these devices can be dangerous when not used properly or driven recklessly, which is why governments have taken steps to ensure public protection by banning them from certain places. Unfortunately, this means that only those who are willing to take greater risks will still be able to enjoy riding on one of these fun contraptions.

As a hoverboard enthusiast myself, I understand how disappointing it must feel for fans of these boards everywhere. But despite the ban, I’m sure there are ways in which we can still find joy in riding them responsibly after all, nothing beats feeling the wind against your face as you speed down the street!

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