Why Are Ebike Limited to 28 Mph?

Why Are Ebike Limited To 28 Mph

It’s a common misconception that electric bikes are limited to 28 mph, like some form of speed-limit anachronism from the days when horses were our primary mode of transportation. But this couldn’t be further from the truth  in fact, many e-bikes can exceed 28 mph. As a bike professional, I’m here to unpack why this seemingly arbitrary speed limit exists and what it means for those wanting to experience true freedom on two wheels.

Riding an electric bicycle is often seen as a way to get around quickly and conveniently while still enjoying the outdoors  but why are they limited to 28 mph? It’s a question I get asked all the time, and one worth delving into. To help answer it, we need to look at both the legal implications and practical considerations behind this seemingly arbitrary speed limit.

Indeed, if you’re looking for something faster than 28 mph then you may be out of luck for now. But don’t let that stop you from experiencing the joys of riding an e-bike! In this article, I’ll be exploring why speed limits exist and how they affect your ride experience. So read on and let’s explore why e-bikes are limited to 28 mph!

Why Are Ebike Limited to 28 Mph?

badgeRegulatory Guidelines for Ebikes

Peddling powerfully and propelling people around the planet, electric bikes (e-bikes) offer a fantastic form of freedom. From commuters to recreational riders, e-bikes are a great way for everyone to explore the world with ease. But why is there usually an upper limit of 28 mph for these machines? The answer lies in regulatory guidelines.

Regulations around electric bikes vary from country to country and even region to region, but most places have set speed limits that govern what counts as an ‘electric bike’. In the US and Europe, this limit is 28 mph while in Canada it’s 32 km/h (approx 20 mph). This means that if you want your bike to be considered an e-bike rather than a moped or scooter, it must adhere to those speed limits.

Beyond the regulations, there are also safety considerations when it comes to speed. While some people may be tempted to push their electric bikes beyond the maximum speed limits, doing so can be dangerous both to themselves and other road users. As such, it’s important to understand how your local regulations apply and ensure that you stay within them at all times.

badgeBenefits of Limiting Ebike Speeds

When it comes to the benefits of limiting electric bike speeds, it’s a no-brainer. Riding an e-bike is like flying a kite  you don’t need to control its full power or else you’ll risk getting pulled away by the wind. By capping speeds at 28 mph, riders are able to take full advantage of their bikes while still staying safe.

Think of it like this: Imagine being able to cruise along a bike path at 25 mph, wind in your hair and your worries melting away. A limit of 28 mph ensures that you can do just that without having to worry about going too fast and endangering yourself or others around you. It’s like having the perfect balance between freedom and safety – a sweet spot that allows you to experience the joys of biking with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re not taking any unnecessary risks.


It’s clear that there are many benefits to limiting the fast of e-bikes. It ensures that riders can stay safe, while also allowing them to enjoy their ride without feeling overwhelmed. Ultimately, this limitation helps keep the roads safe and allows us all to have a great time while riding our e-bikes. As the old adage goes, “slow and steady wins the race.” By maintaining a safe speed, we can ensure that everyone gets where they need to go safely and enjoyably.

Riding an e-bike is a great way to get around quickly, but it’s important to remember that safety always comes first. By following regulatory guidelines for e-bike speeds, we can help make sure that everyone stays safe while also having an enjoyable experience on their e-bike. After all, it’s better to take your time and stay safe than risk being involved in an accident because you were going too fast.

No matter your experience level or skill level when it comes to riding an e-bike, it’s always important to remain aware of the speed limits set by regulatory guidelines. This helps ensure that you have a fun and safe ride every time you get on your bike. With all these factors considered, it’s easy to see why e-bikes are limited to 28 mph it keeps us all safe and lets us enjoy our rides at a comfortable pace!

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